Ruby Creative Dance

Art of Bollywood  Dance


Ruby Creative Dance  follows a curriculum based on  the core principles of music, dance and
arts. It offers Bollywood, Indian  classical, Tagore Dance, modern, Fusions and Bhangra.

The class curriculum ranges from a beginners level to an advanced level X, starting at
 ages 3 and

A class period is one hour a week and usually meets in the evenings of weekdays. The classes
on Friday are located at Metairie. The other classes will be at Uptown.

Keep in mind, extra classes can be scheduled if needed.

All classes start and end with yoga, meditation, and breathing (Pranayama) exercises for
relaxation and stress reduction.

Private lessons may be available on a case by case basis.

The choreographer provides strong instructional leadership and a climate conducive to

Ongoing/Continuing Students please email

Our workshop sometime needs extra effort in the holidays and before the recital. 

Sometimes dancer loves to practice their dance in outside environment.

Our ongoing bhangra classes in Uptown.

Our students give extra time on practice before recital. Even parents support their kids' continuous practice by watching them.