Ruby Creative Dance

Art of Bollywood  Dance

Our Ruby Creative Dance provides full service entertainment for every occasion.Be
entertained by our electrifying, professionally trained Dance Troupe.
Take your next event 
to Bollywood heights or bring a traditional or classic flavor
to your event.

We also provide 
traditional live dance Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Rabindranath Tagore
Dance entertainment in community workshop and wedding bollywood
choreography for groups, families, couples and singles and private lessons for all

Experience the joy of Dance. Dance relieves mental stress and anxiety, and brings joy and happiness in life.

New Years Eve 2013 in Pontchartrain Center.

Independent Day of India in University New Orleans 2012.

Bollywood Dance in Tulane Diwali 2012. 


Traditional Odissi Dance in ISKON.

Rajasthani Folk Dance in UNO 2010.

Dr. Julie Basu Roy's speech in Melton Foundation 2013.

Classical Bharatnatyam in Dillard's University 2013.

Jai Ho in IANO, New Orleans on 17th August,2013.

Gokula Govinda Aoyo,Janmastami in ISKON, New Orleans on 28th August,2013.

Mangala Geetam,Janmastami in ISKON, New Orleans on 28th August,2013.

Thilana on Lord Krishna,Janmastami in ISKON, New Orleans on 28th August, 2013.

Classical Bharatnatyam on Adavus, Radhastami in ISKON, NOLA on 15th September,2013.

Contemporary dance on Come on and Get it in Tulane Diwali, Tulane University, NOLA on 16th November, 2013.